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Cy-Tag is our three-week summer program for students entering grades 8-12. Students in this residential program live in Iowa State University's residence halls closely supervised by a fun-loving and exceptionally talented group of resident advisers. During the time students are with us, they attempt to complete course work that is equivalent to one year of high school material or a semester of college level material. Cy-Tag students study curriculum that is fast paced, yet fully attentive to an individual's needs and learning styles. The students' experiences are enriched by the small class sizes which allows for close working relationships with instructors.

Social activities allow students time to relax, have fun, become better acquainted with other academically gifted students, and get to know themselves. Iowa State University offers indoor and outdoor recreational facilities for a wide variety of physical activities that the resident advisers and OPPTAG staff coordinate for the students after a day of academic challenges.

This program culminates with an open house on the final day of the program. Parents, relatives, and friends are invited to celebrate the students' accomplishments and view their projects created and completed during the three-week program.