Explorations Program Fees

Application Fees

There is a nonrefundable $35 fee for each student’s application. Applications will not be accepted after the April 15 registration deadline.

*The application fee is not applied to the cost of the program.

Program Fees

All fees for the residential Explorations programs are calculated according to a base fee of $750 per week, which includes tuition, housing, dining, activities, materials and books. The fee schedule is listed below. The commuter option is available for a local student who will not be living in the residence halls. All students are strongly encouraged to participate fully with the residential activities in order to receive the full social and academic benefit of the programs.

Commuter fees of $650 includes tuition, lunch, dinner, activities, materials and books. Spending money or transportation from airport or bus station is not included. Full payment for all participants is required prior to the beginning of class.

Date (Week) Residential Cost Commuter Cost
One week $750 $750
Two weeks $1500 $1500

NOTE: Students attending two weeks of Explorations will check out late afternoon Friday and will check back in Sunday by 4pm. There is no week-end housing available.

Payment Process

Payment can be made in full once students are accepted into the program. All payments must be complete before the program begins. Payment can be made by Discover, Visa or MasterCard through Registration Services.

Admissions Early Outreach Cancellation and Refund Policy

The application fee is nonrefundable, regardless if a course is cancelled or a student is not accepted into the program.

Full payment is required prior to the beginning of the program. If my student cancels before April 15, a full refund of paid tuition will be given. If a student cancels between April 15 and June 1, there will be a refund of paid tuition of all but a $100 materials fee. No refunds will be given if a cancellation occurs after June 1 or if a student fails to attend the program. The application fee will not be refunded. Participants' parents and guardians are responsible for 100% of the application and tuition fees. Payment plans may be available. Contact opptag@iastate.edu For more information.

Tuition fees are only refunded in the event that Admissions Early Outreach cancels the course for which the student has applied, and there is no other available course.

Class size

The class size maximum for all programs is typically 15 students.

Waiting list

The Admissions Early Outreach program does not keep a waiting list for any summer courses. In our experience students rarely cancel participation, and we do not want to set false expectations for students and families.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students who have demonstrated need. When completing the application, parents or legal guardians will be given the opportunity to provide a brief explanation pertinent to the students’ family’s financial status. Students who currently participate in the NSLP (free-reduced lunch program) will have tuition reduced to 50% of the cost of the program with school verification.