Innovative Programs for Exceptional Students

The goal of the OPPTAG program is to match students with appropriate learning experiences and emphasize an approach to teaching that underscores strengths and encourages high achievement. Additionally, all programs offer extracurricular enrichment experiences that broaden students' knowledge of the world.

Our staff, drawn from Iowa State University and some of Iowa's top high schools, excels in offering unique, flexible and challenging academic experiences by incorporating hands-on experimentation as well as individual and collaborative projects. They are all trained to elicit creativity and critical thinking while providing experiences that typically are not encountered in traditional classrooms.

The application for course registration will open March 1 and can be found on the "apply" tab on the right hand menu. The 2017 courses will be listed prior to the application opening.

Staff Application

Current Iowa State undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the OPPTAG Adventure Aide and Residential Assistant positions. Applications open in late January and are due in March. More information may be found by visiting the application when open. Please contact Admissions Early Outreach if you have any questions.

Apply here: