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Explorations offers a first-hand introduction to college life. Students live in an Iowa State University Residence Hall, only a few minutes walk from classrooms, labs, and the Iowa State library. There will be two students of the same gender assigned per room. Females and males will be housed in separate areas or on separate floors within the residence hall.

Bedding and towels will not be provided. Students should plan to bring their own bedding, towels, and personal care items. The campus dining center offers a wide variety of well-balanced meals, including a sumptuous salad bar, vegetarian, halal and gluten free dishes.

Residential Assistants (RAs) are experienced and trained to work with talented and gifted adolescents. They will live in the residence hall, supervise students the duration of the program, and provide a fun, safe, experience for Exploration participants. Students will work with their RAs to participate in interesting activities which will give them opportunities to develop friendships and participate in numerous social and cultural events.

Telephones are not provided in the student rooms. Students may use cell phones (during designated times). Staff will carry an on-call cell phone in case of any emergency.

*Use of cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, and other electronic devices are prohibited during classes or activities.