Summer Programs

Adventures (students entering grades 3-6) is a program designed to specifically challenge the minds of younger students who are exhibiting academic promise at an early age. This program will give younger students the opportunity to explore the worlds of science, math, art, literature, readings, and engineering in the company of qualified instructors and fellow gifted students. OPPTAG strives to offer challenging academic experiences that incorporate hands-on experimentation and provide students with experiences not found in the traditional classroom.

Adventures for 7-8th Grades is a one-week, full day, non-residential program Monday through Thursday from 9:00am-4:00pm with an hour lunch break (at one of the on campus dining centers). Students entering grades 7th-8th are able to take one course to deeply explore a specific subject. Courses will involve hands on activities, tours, field trips and real world applications.

Explorations (students entering grades 9-11) will appeal to you if you are intrigued by discovering new and exciting areas of study not traditionally taught in the school curriculum. Each one-week (residential or commuter) voyage will offer you an enriched learning experience, introduce you to cutting-edge concepts within a topic area, be student focused, and immerse you in activities and laboratories designed to stimulate your thinking skills and encourage you to continue your personal adventure in learning. For students enrolling in both weeks of Explorations, there is no housing available between the programs.

Summer 2017 Dates


Week 1 -- June 12 - June 16
Week 2 -- June 19 - June 23

Adventures for 7-8th Grades Only:

Week 1 -- June 26 - June 29

Explorations: (students entering grades 9-11)

Week 1 -- July 9 - July 14
Week 2 -- July 16 - July 21